If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going,
Any Road Will Take You There

As they worked soldering the small circuit boards one at a time in a Mountain View, California suburban garage, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs knew they were forming the beginning of something revolutionary.  After being turned down by Hewlett-Packard, Jobs and Wozniak wanted to produce the Apple I on their own so Jobs sells his old Volkswagen Bus and Wozniak sells his programmable HP calculator. They gather around $1250 and begin producing the first Apple I mainboards.  The start of Apple Computer was, as many great things are, inauspicious.  Not much money, no software, no employees and very few people sharing their vision.


Wozniak and Jobs were able to create, in their minds, a new reality; a reality outside of time.  They could “see” the success of the Apple Computer in all of its three-dimensional components and pursued that goal with dogged determination.  They ignored the naysayers, ignored their dwindling back account, and just kept working.  A few years later, Apple had forever changed the world of personal computing.

We call the ability to create a reality outside of time InVision Vision.  If you cannot “see” where you want to go, then you have no idea how to get there.  InVision Vision is critical to our clients’ success and your success as well.  All things are created twice: first in the mind through InVision Vision, then in the world.  Our clients must be able to see themselves succeeding first.  Whether that might be overcoming an injury, conquering a psychological barrier or raising their level of performance, they must create a reality outside of time in their minds and then set a course to achieve it.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs did something that most of us think we could never do.  But, think about what they didn’t do. They didn’t allow other people to negatively influence their own sense of worth or value.  Everyday in our profession, someone tells us, overtly or not, our value.  It can be easy to miss the subtle messages sent by third party payers, referring physicians or even academic institutions.  Things like: “3 visits only”, “Heat, Massage and Ultrasound BID”, “ Payment denied – services deemed not medically necessary”, “PT to walk patient twice daily” are all delivering the same message.  Unless we consciously fight it, we gradually begin to “see” this as our own reality.

How valuable are your services?  What’s your InVision Vision?  How do you reflect this in your career, personal life and interactions with other colleagues?


Movement is life.

Change movement, you change a life.

Change a life, you change the world.

Doug Kelsey

Can you “see” yourself in this way?  Once you do, your life will never be the same.

Make Today Count.

Doug Kelsey