So, why should I choose SportsCenter?
Every athlete must do one of three things well to excel in their sport: run, jump, or throw. If you’re wondering why you can’t run, jump, or throw, then you need SportsCenter.

And what is so different at SportsCenter?
People worry. Will I ever run again? Will I ever throw or jump? Will I ever be able to really workout hard? At SportsCenter, the wondering ends. We will explain to you the root cause with crystal clear clarity. When you leave your initial consult, you will know exactly what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it. And fixing it will be a blast.

And how are you able to find the cause when others cannot?
There are three reasons:
1. You may have told other practitioners how and when your problem started. Yet, you will tell us in an entirely different way. Only you know what you feel. You need someone who can help you tell your story, translate what you feel into what is wrong and then explain it to you in terms you understand. When you tell your story to us, you get a crystal clear translation. You just like a black pearl in the sea, and we are finding you.

2. Movements involve complex timing sequences between body parts. When a movement occurs out of sequence it is like an instrument in an orchestra out of tune. Our eyes listen for the part that needs tuning.

3. Athletes often have great anxiety about the future and they want to know that they can work hard and not hurt themselves. Under our watch, you can rest your mind and work your body.

You’ve told me about how you find the cause, tell me about some of things you do.
We have specially designed tools, some of which we invented, like the Newton Speed Trainer. The Newton helps you run faster, even if you’re injured, by making you weigh less. Athletes need control of movement, speed, power, and strength. The sooner this happens, the better. Many of our clients following ACL surgery for example, begin jogging safely, because of our ability to control forces and movements, within the first month rather than waiting the typical 4-6 months