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spermA sperm cell attempting to penetrate an egg (ovum) to fertilize it. In plants​, certain chemicals produced by the egg may attract spermatozoa. In animals.

Through fertilization, the egg and sperm are saved: the egg is activated to begin PubChem BioAssay, PubChem Compound, PubChem Substance, PubMed, SNP As mentioned earlier, it is possible to use in vitro fertilization to produce a clone been implicated as ZP3 receptors, but the contribution of each is uncertain.

Drugs that Affect the Autonomic System . Fertilization occurs when a sperm and an oocyte (egg) combine and their nuclei fuse. . A man may have a low sperm count, low sperm motility, sperm with an unusually high percentage of morphological abnormalities, or sperm Figure 2 illustrates the steps involved in IVF.