20 Of The Worst Swimsuits You'd Never Hope To See Your Parent In - worst bikini


10 of the most outrageous and bizarre bikinis to celebrate International Bikini Day - Mirror Online worst bikini

From the 'underboob bikini to the 'wedgie rise' here's a look at some of the most bizarre bikinis that celebs just love.

I don't know if she's supposed to be milking cows or if she just wanted to get some weird belly coverage on the beach.​ Listen, I have no idea what this woman was thinking – or the designer of this bathing suit for that matter.​ Crochet swimsuits are super trendy right now, but this.

At worst, they make us feel uncomfortable and unattractive (even though we're not It's like, even if you had a medium lunch, you'll feel bloated in your swimsuit​.